Meet Trainer Nancy Halloran

Nancy Halloran Headshot at Sculpt FitnessHey everyone!

My name is Nancy Halloran and I’m one of the trainers here at Sculpt Fitness. Since I’m a lover of all things Cleveland and fitness, it’s such a rewarding journey to empower locals to live their healthiest lives!

In 2015, I decided to take on my own fitness journey not having any idea what was before me. I had no exercise experience and no idea what healthy eating consisted of, but losing 50 pounds was just a result of what really shifted in me. I realized people can do anything they set their mind to as long as they believe in themselves, put in the work, and stay consistent. Through personal experience I learned what it takes to transform your life around for the better, how to maintain it, and how to always keep improving. One of the places I feel most alive is in the gym where I get to challenge myself daily and this is what led me to complete my RYT200 yoga teaching certification and NASM personal training certification.

As my passion for exercising continues to grow, I’m committed to continually learning as much as I can throughout my career to be the most valuable leader for my clients. I am very appreciative of being a part of a supportive team that encourages you to be your best and to inspire others to become their best.

Whether you’re interested in losing weight, gaining strength, or improving overall fitness, I am happy to be the support and friend you need to become the healthiest and happiest you. I will be your biggest fan cheering you on as well as the one who is going to challenge you to do more than you think you can, because you can.

Your Trainer,

Nancy Halloran